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FV Services, Inc.’s Village Care Centers Receive Five-Star Rating

Ken_KlumpThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Recognize the Village Care Center at Friendship Village Chesterfield & Sunset Hills as the Highest-Quality Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Village Care Center at both Friendship Village Chesterfield and Friendship Village Sunset Hills received a prestigious Five-Star Quality Rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

“People know Friendship Village as a dynamic senior living campus offering a carefree lifestyle,” said Michael Hambley, Executive Director of Friendship Village Chesterfield.

“We are also proud to be the only genuine Life Care community, providing a full continuum of care. This five-star designation demonstrates that our Village Care Centers deliver the highest-quality rehabilitation and skilled nursing to current Residents and to outside admissions.”

Following an intensive survey, the communities were notified that they received the highest rating possible, which has been increasingly rare with a new methodology that makes this highest rating much more difficult to achieve.

“Our community has a 43-year history of providing the highest-quality care in the St. Louis area,” said Ken Klump, Administrator of the Village Care Center at Friendship Village Chesterfield (PICTURED). “We are very proud of our entire Village Care Center team’s commitment to excellence.”

Friendship Village’s campuses are managed by FV Services, Inc. and are undertaking an unprecedented $201 million expansion, including all-new buildings featuring independent living apartments, assisted living apartments and private skilled nursing rooms.

“We are excited to be expanding with new buildings and more services in 2020. If there was a six-star rating, I’m confident our team would receive it!” added Hambley.

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Additional information on the Medicare rating process and rankings can be found at

About FV Services, Inc.
FV Services, Inc. is the only certified provider of the Life Care program in the greater St. Louis Metro area, which allows Residents to advance across every stage of life without worry of access or cost to needed medical care. FV Services, Inc. is also the parent company of FV At Home, bringing extensive experience and quality care to Medicare home health and supportive services. The lives of more than 1,100 senior adults are enriched by a local, mission-driven Board of Directors. Seven hundred staff members are dedicated to excellent teamwork and joyful living, providing the highest-quality services that promote lifelong well-being. For more information about FV Services, Inc., please visit

About the Village Care Center at Friendship Village
Friendship Village's senior living campus offers genuine Life Care, providing a full continuum of care on-site at a predictable rate. The Village Care Center delivers the highest-quality rehabilitation when in transition or needing recuperative care (Medicare Part A and Part B), assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care services 24 hours a day to current Residents and to outside admissions.

Our highly qualified team of professionals includes those with some of the longest tenures in the industry, and our entire campus is dedicated to "Compassionate Care" as a core value, with chart-topping ratings for quality and service.