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Location: Sunset Hills
Department: Nursing
Position: CMT Part Time

Come grow with us! Friendship Village is looking for motivated team players to join our extraordinary nursing team!

Part Time 





Essential Job Duties:

Certified Nurse Aide Duties:

  1. Assists residents with dressing, grooming, eating, bathing, positioning, turning, toileting and exercising.
  2. Gives treatments, perform tests, carry‑out procedures and collect specimens as instructed.
  3. Reports and records observations and results of treatments, tests, procedures and specimens when indicated.
  4. Transfers, transports and escorts residents as needed.
  5. Answers signal lights promptly.
  6. Changes bed linens, makes beds and keeps rooms clean and orderly.

Certified Medication Technician Duties:


  1. Safely prepares, administers, and charts oral, topical, and suppository drugs. The medication aide who prepares the medicine administers same.
  2. Checks and prepares each dose immediately preceding administration.
  3. Follows administration protocol:
    1. Checks medication with transcribed or original order.
    2. Checks all information on label or package for accuracy and clarity.
    3. Clearly identifies the resident with proper medication.
  4. Considers the following when administering a medication.
    1. General use of the medication
    2. Therapeutic action
    3. Usual dosage
    4. Factors modifying dosage and effects
    5. Precautions and contraindications
    6. Antidote, if known
    7. Route and frequency of administration
    8. Signs of deterioration of the medication
    9. Checks with the charge nurse if there are any questions regarding any medication.
  5. Records administration of the medication on resident’s medication administration record. Discards medication refused or otherwise not given and records on medication administration record.
  6. Reports medication errors or reactions to medications immediately to the charge nurse, who, in turn, reports to the resident’s attending physician and completes the necessary documentation.
  7. Performs accurate pulse and blood pressure and recognizes their significance in drug therapy.
  8. Administers PRN medication only under the following directives.
      May be administered without prior permission
      CMA informs the charge nurse who first makes a bedside assessment; documents that assessment on the clinical record; giving permission of the CMA to administer medication; or charge nurse administers same.
      The CMA charts PRN medication on the medication administration record and in the nursing notes.
  9. Signs and has access to the controlled schedule drug cabinet.
  10. Administers medication only upon a written physician’s order.


  1. Transcribing physician’s original orders to medicine charts or kardexes;
  2. Administering any parental medications;
  3. Administering any substances by nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes;

Other Duties:

  1. Maintains safe and sanitary work stations and equipment.
  2. Encourages independence, attendance at activities, restorative programs and rehabilitation.
  3. Attends in-service training and education session, as assigned.
  4. Performs specific work duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
Skill Requirements


  1. Successful completion from a State approved geriatric nursing assistant training program. Prior geriatric nursing aide experience is preferred.  Registration with State registry required.
  2. Successful completion of State approved Medication Technician Course, and when applicable, the continuing education course.
  3. Ability to understand and follow instructions in English, communicate effectively, and perform simple arithmetic. Ability to document care given. 


Frequent standing, stooping, bending, stretching, squatting; may be exposed to blood and body fluids which may contain HIV and/or HBV; must be able to transport residents via wheelchair, gerichair or shower chair, pushing up to 150 lbs. unassisted.  Must be able to transfer, lift, turn and position a resident weighing up to 125 lbs. unassisted, or with the assistance of one for a resident weighing over 125 lbs..  Must be able to stoop, bend, stretch, squat, stand, and walk for up to 90% of the work day.  May be subjected to offensive odors and combative behavior.  Must be able to reach up to a level of six feet; must be able to push a dietary cart up to 40 lbs unassisted. Must be able to lift and carry up to 20 lbs. frequently, and 50 lbs. occasionally. 



I have read my Job Description.  I understand the information contained in the Job Description.  I further understand that this Job Description is not intended and should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all the responsibilities, skills, efforts or PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/ WORKING CONDITIONS associated with my job.  I may be required to perform additional tasks necessary to meet the standards of care and service.

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