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Dining Room Manager

Location: Chesterfield
Department: Dining
Listing Date: 2019-04-10
Position: Dining Room Manager


The Food Service Manager is responsible for the overall operation, coordination, appearance and maintenance of the Chesterfield dining program and ensuring that courteous and efficient services are delivered. The Food Service Manager must complete these functions while ensuring that all local, state and federal regulations and guidelines are maintained at all times.


Essential Job Duties:


  1. Supervises the physical appearance of the dining room area and wait stations including table pedestals, chairs, rugs, drapes, flooring tiles, carpet, light fixtures, etc.
  2. Supervises the physical appearance of the kitchen. Ensuring all sanitary regulations are maintained.
  3. Supervises the appearance of the dining room tables, including table linens, napkins, silverware, table setup, centerpieces, etc.
  4. Develops and schedules work assignments for all Fountain View’s food service personnel assigning specific job and spot-checking to ensure standards are met.
  5. Maintains pertinent and appropriate records, reports, files, schedules and studies.
  6. Advises Assistant Food and Beverage Director regarding dining room status.
  7. Plans, schedules, supervise, and counsels Chesterfield’s food service personnel. In absences of staff, covers positions as needed to maintain budgetary requirements.
  8. Schedules, sets up, and staffs catered events in the dining venue. Maintains records of all catered events in the dining venue.
  9. Completes timely performance evaluations.
  10. Supervises and instructs Chesterfield’s food service personnel on the responsibilities of serving meals in the dining room.
  11. Maintains sanitation, hygiene and safety standards.
  12. Ensures high quality menu items are served with outstanding service at all times. Communicates daily with residents, ensuring satisfaction.
  13. Directs the daily operation of the food service, including the set-up and closing procedures.
Skill Requirements


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent. Prefer courses in hospitality management or dining room operations.
  2. A minimum of a year supervisory experience in “front of the house operations” within restaurant, hotel club or similar institution is preferred.
  3. Ability to communicate with, understand, empathize with, work with and be tolerant of residents, patients, families, visitors, peers, supervisors, subordinates and other outside contacts.
  4. Ability to teach, train and explain to dining room personnel thoroughly and clearly the correct work methods.
  5. Ability to see what needs to be done and take appropriate action to accomplish the task.
  6. Must be able to read, write and speak the English language in an understandable manner. Must be able to do simple mathematics.

Completion of the N.I.F.I. sanitation course is helpful.