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Life Care Tax Benefits

The Friendship Village Lifestyle PLUS a Tax Deduction?

For nearly four decades, Friendship Village has been recognized as a leader in senior living because of its vibrant, worry-free lifestyle made possible with the unique benefits of genuine Life Care. As part of a not-for-profit Life Care community, you are assured quality, on-site health care should you need it, at a predictable low rate, for life.

Tax season provides one more reason to choose Friendship Village. As a Life Care community, a portion of the entrance and monthly service fees may be tax-deductible. So, not-for-profit Friendship Village makes for a wise investment:

  • Solid and impressive bottom line - Friendship Village stands out among Continuing Care Retirement Communities with its A rating from Fitch, an independent, international credit rating agency.
  • Financial choices - Options include the return of up to 90% of the entrance fee to your estate, assuring your care and the preservation of assets for your family.
  • St. Louis’ only Life Care Community - Friendship Village gives you quality health care at all levels at a predictable low rate, for life. Call today to learn about the best choice for affordable senior living.


Hear from our residents why Life Care tax benefits made Friendship Village the best choice for affordable senior living:

“I started as a Friendship Village renter, and now that I am a Life Care resident, a significant portion of my entrance fee and monthly fees are tax deductible. This medical deduction will offset taxes I would have paid on my income for any given year. It’s a great benefit once you understand it.”
– Charles S., Friendship Village Resident

“When my wife and I moved to Friendship Village, the deciding factor was Life Care. As a tax professional, I also appreciated that a significant percentage of our entrance fee and monthly fees would be tax deductible as a medical expense. The tax savings, “helps pay the rent.” Now that we’re on campus, it’s a pleasure to help other residents understand how they may be able to take advantage of this unique benefit.”
– Bob A., Tax Attorney and Friendship Village Resident