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Fountain View Memory Care

When researching memory care options, the highest quality of care will come from a resource that has the appropriate environment, trained staff and specialized programming that provides the highest quality of daily life and personal safety.


Fountain View Memory CareSpecially-Designed Environment

Within Fountain View, we’ve designed a “neighborhood” with private apartments, activities, dining and social spaces. We’ve created a small, manageable environment for residents managing memory loss.

Professionally Trained Staff

Fountain View caregivers receive specialized training from the Alzheimer’s Association to maximize the quality of life for those managing life with memory loss.

Resident Programming

Our resident-centered programming is designed to include both planned and spontaneous activities. The day may begin with music therapy but quickly move to a reminiscing activity. Our goal is to remain flexible as the day unfolds for each individual resident.


As part of the Friendship Village campus, we use modern security features to support our neighborhood setting while preventing elopement. Our space is designed to help manage resident confusion and assure personal safety.

Whether planning for your own future or researching for a loved one, finding solutions for assisted living can be intimidating. We believe education, interaction, and resources are an essential part of making an informed decision. Allow us to help you navigate this process with our professional experience and help bring you peace of mind.

We invite you to visit Fountain View today and speak with our Residency Counselor about our Memory Care program. Contact us online or call (800) 869-9391.