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When Is the Right Time to Make a Move?

As you age, it becomes much more important to maintain health and wellness. Moving to a senior living community when you are active and independent lets you enhance your quality of life and relieves you of everyday chores and burdens. In fact, most residents at Friendship Village say they wished they had moved here sooner so they could fully enjoy all our offerings.

You can be part of the community at any time and benefit from the extra support in a range of residence levels. From independent living to Fountain View Assisted Living at Sunset Hills, we're experts at arranging the services and accommodations to best fit your needs.

What's more, since our community is the only one in the St. Louis area with genuine Life Care, Friendship Village is the smartest way to protect yourself from rising healthcare costs.

Compare the features, benefits and costs of various communities in order to make the most informed decision. Use the handy tools on this website or simply call us at (800) 654-6189.