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Our friendly staff and residents will tell you first-hand what they appreciate most about our two communities. The ideal way to get better acquainted with our lifestyle is to come spend time with one of our Resident Ambassadors. Watch right here as these neighbors share their feelings with you. What will you like best about Friendship Village?

Madge B Testimonial - Friendship Village

I always thought I would enjoy life at FVC, but it far exceeds my expectations. I love it here. It’s one big community of “friends”. We are well named! Our extremely gifted staff do an excellent job in getting to know each resident, learning their interests and talents, and encouraging us to get involved. They make everything we do FUN, and by getting involved, we make friends with those of similar interests.

- Madge B.

Friendship Village Chesterfield

Diane Z Testimonial

I LOVE all the exercise classes offered at FVC. We have so many choices such as functional fitness, posture and balance, yoga, Tai Chi, low impact, Parkinson fitness, walking club, and water fitness classes. I engage in many of these activities daily and encourage my friends to do the same. The instructors are first class!

- Diane Z.

Friendship Village Chesterfield

Paul Bernadette Testimonial

My wife and I came to Friendship Village Chesterfield in 2014. We live in a villa and love the sense of independence it provides. We no longer have to worry about serious cooking, painting walls, getting on ladders, raking leaves, and doing a myriad of other domestic responsibilities. In other words, we appreciate the freedom, sense of security, and camaraderie the Village offers.

- Paul & Bernadette T.

Friendship Village Chesterfield

We enjoy our life here. The thoughtful layout of our new apartment and the beautiful campus creates a wonderful neighborhood. They say you can’t pick your neighbors…but it feels like we have!

- Sherri and Jim S.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Friendship Village is an awesome place. I’m very pleased with the many opportunities offered to promote a healthy lifestyle with activities to stimulate intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth. Most of the time I feel “too blessed to be stressed!” My favorite activities include Book Club, exercise classes especially Cardio Drumming, and lectures provided both on and off campus.

- Juanita W.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Before I moved to FVSH , I could not have imagined what a difference it would make. My life is a lot fuller than it was when I lived alone in my way too big house. I love going to the pool for the aerobic exercise and the volleyball games.

- Selinka H.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

I always thought retirement should be a time to enjoy life and, thanks to the LifeCare® program at Friendship Village Chesterfield, it is. We have felt at home here since our first day, seven years ago, and love our comfortable apartment, new friends and many activities. There is truly something for everyone here.

- Aline R.

Friendship Village Chesterfield

Bonnie R Testimonial - Friendship Village

My husband and I have been here for four years. There is so much to do and so many nice people and staff. The young wait staff in the dining rooms remind us of our children and help to keep us on top of teenagers today!

- Bonnie R.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Shirley A Testimonial - Friendship Village

I enjoy being active. I can start in the fitness room, spend some time at the pool, and end the day at game night pickin' them up and puttin' them down playing Mexican Train dominoes. Next day I might go on an outing cruising the Mississippi.

- Shirley A.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Hank and Louis E Testimonial - Friendship Village

We moved here from Chicago over nine years ago to be near family, visited several retirement communities, and found Friendship Village Sunset Hills to be exactly what we were looking for. We came here to retire from chores, but not from living.

- Hank and Louise E.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Victor N Testimonial - Friendship Village

I believe I'm living in the Cadillac of all assisted living communities in the Midwest. The food is excellent, the entertainment is professional and the staff is wonderful. I love living here!

- Victor N.

Fountain View at Friendship Village Sunset Hills

Dottie M Testimonial - Friendship Village

I have spent several weeks at different intervals in our Village Care Center. The care, therapy and general homey feeling were a good and comforting experience. I was treated wonderfully by everyone and appreciated how the therapists worked with me as I transitioned back to my apartment. Having the Village Care Center connected to our independent living apartments is so convenient and allows my many friendships to continue.

- Dottie M.

Village Care Center